4 Great Home-Based Careers for People with Physical Disabilities

The notion that people with physical disabilities can’t perform well in the workplace has long been debunked. An article on Marhaba discussing people with disabilities notes that private companies in Qatar are encouraged to prepare their teams, review their recruitment process, and offer inclusive products and services in a bid to increase the employment rate of physically disabled people. People with disabilities have the experiences, skills, and credentials that make them valuable assets in their organisation, despite having physical limitations. However, being in a traditional in-office work environment may hinder them from performing to the best of their abilities, especially since most workplaces fail to fully accommodate those with physical disabilities.

That said, a home-based career might be the best choice for those who have physical disabilities and are wary of in-office posts. Here, we list down four home-based careers that you should consider.

Virtual assistant

If you have good organisational and communication skills, you should strongly consider becoming a virtual assistant (VA). Aside from being able to work from home, you can also choose who to work for and set your working hours as a VA. It’s up to you to decide what tasks you want to take on, but this usually involves fixing the schedules of your employer, relaying information to them, and talking to other people on their behalf. What’s great about being a VA is that most job listings require little to no experience. To look for VA postings, be sure to visit websites such as, Upwork, and Fanchands.

Financial adviser

A survey by Business Reporter notes that 38 per cent of respondents worry a lot about their financial security, with most changing their saving, spending, and shopping habits in the hopes of achieving financial stability. Because an increasing amount of people are becoming more conscious of their finances, it’s a good idea to pursue financial advising as a career. As a financial adviser, you’re tasked with creating personalised financial plans and executing trades for your clients. To become a financial adviser, start by acquiring a suitable certificate.

Forex trader

A lot of people are drawn to forex trading thanks to its many advantages over other financial markets. Aside from being one of the biggest and most liquid markets, the forex market is also open 24 hours a day, five days a week, allowing traders to freely set their own working hours. This makes this career a great choice for people with physical disabilities who are turned off by rigid work arrangements. FXCM’s guide to forex notes that anyone who wants to become a forex trader should first build an educational foundation before investing their hard earned money. Aside from reading forex books and watching educational forex videos, you should also complete a multi-faceted forex training course. Doing so allows you to fully understand essential forex concepts such as quantifying leverage, reading a quote, and placing orders.

Home-based entrepreneur

If you’re great at conceptualising, creating, and marketing a product, why not start a home-based business? Here, you can be your own boss and be in full control over your income stream. While it’s true that starting a business is a difficult and daunting affair, reaping the fruits of your labour and achieving your goals can be incredibly fulfilling. To ensure that your business succeeds, be sure to talk to a trusted advisor and business coach. These professionals can help you map out your finances and help you create a foolproof business plan. You should also seek knowledge from various resources, such as books like Matt Ridley’s How Innovation Works: And Why It Flourishes in Freedom or Peter Thiel’s Zero to One.

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