About me

Dr. Achraf is a researcher and ICT Expert with a successful record of accomplishment and experience in several universities and international organizations by using information and communication technology (ICTs).

Currently, he is the Head of ICT Access Research and Innovation Section at Mada Center, Qatar working on Assistive Technology and Digital Accessibility Solutions and research projects. Since 2019, he has been the Mada Advisory Committee representative at W3C.

Previously, he was an ICT Expert Specialist at Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation ALECSO. According to his educational background, he participated in numerous projects to make information more accessible to people with disabilities, especially for Deaf communities.

In his Ph.D., defended in 2017, he designed a new model to translate English written text to American Sign Language based on the Gloss Annotation System through a statistical machine translation using parallel corpora and machine learning. He has written scientific articles and papers for various recognized and specialized conferences and journals on ICT and accessibility and was invited to a multitude of conferences as a keynote speaker.

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