AlecsoApps: Toward Empowering Mobile Applications Development in the Arab World

Recent years have witnessed an increasing interest in the mobile computing realm. Gartner says that mobile device (smartphones and tablets) sales are on a continuous rise from year to year, and the future of enterprise applications, both for enterprise workers and consumers, is mobility. Actually, multiple platforms are making mobile devices’ markets at a global scale for all consumers all over the word. Nevertheless, the number of Arabic mobile applications available in such markets remains few so far, especially those related to the education and smart learning fields. Thus, recognizing the potentials of mobile applications development and its impact, ALECSO organization has been working on a very promising project titled “AlecsoApps” to empower mobile applications development in the Arab world. The project aims to provide developers with a necessary technological and institutional environment for the promotion of an emerging digital creative Arab mobile industry, related to the fields of education, culture, science, and learning games. In this paper, we present an overview of the AlecsoApps project, and we describe in details each of its component and related activities.

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