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Mada AlecsoApps Awards Ceremony

Saturday, 4th Nov. 2017, the AlecsoApps Award final ceremony was held in the beautiful city Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia. As part of Mada, we organized a special award for the best mobile application for people with disabilities.

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How to install Moses (Statistical Machine Translation) on Ubuntu?

In this article, I will show you how to install and build Moses on Ubuntu, and how to use Moses to translate with some simple models (English and Sign Language Gloss). If you experience problems, then please contact me. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Modern Assistive Technology

When it comes to Assistive Technology (AT), over the past decade, a large number of individuals as well as companies have come up with some incredibly life altering equipment and technological gizmos that are aimed not only to make life

Leap Motion is the Next Step Forward in Sign Language

When it comes to improved technology and gadgets to help people with various disabilities, science has come a long way and made it possible for over hundreds of thousands of people to lead a better and easier life. From home

Best Assistive Technology for Persons with Disabilities

When it comes to talking about Assistive Technology (AT), particularly for people with disabilities (PwD) of a varying spectrum, most people, at first, think of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in a classroom like setting, but it is so much

Virtual Conversational Agent (avatar) for Sign Language

Sign language (SL) was first acknowledged as a separate language only in the 1960s. Similar to spoken language, it evolved from different cultural backgrounds. Every country has its own sign language with various dialects, which are based on different rules

The Third International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics (ACLing2017)

CALL FOR PAPERS The Third International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics (ACLing2017) Dubai, UAE, 5-6 November 2017 Website: Publiction: Procedia Computer Science by ELSEVIER

EUROLAN-2017 – Summer School on Biomedical Text Processing

EUROLAN-2017 – Summer School on Biomedical Text Processing 10 – 17 September 2017, Constanța, Romania The 13th in the series of EUROLAN Schools

The 3rd Workshop on Multi-word Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology (MUMTTT 2017) In conjunction with EUROPHRAS 2017 – International Conference “Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology: Recent advances and interdisciplinary approaches”

PhD Defense: “Machine Translation for Sign Language based on Statistical Approach“

I am happy to report that on March 10, 2017, I had my doctoral dissertation defense, as part of the WebSign project, and that the committee found my research to be worthy. My dissertation was titled “Machine Translation for Sign Language